Ask Mazda Fun Engineer And Sport Compact Car Veteran Dave Coleman Anything You Want

Mazda’s been on something of a roll lately. They have some of the most consistently fun to drive cars in the entire industry, from the new 2016 Miata all the way up to their crossovers and sedans. You have Dave Coleman to thank for that, and now he’s here to answer all your questions for the next hour. »9/01/15 1:55pm9/01/15 1:55pm

You may not know who Dave Coleman is, but you’ve seen his work.

You may not know who Dave Coleman is, but you’ve seen his work. He’s a vehicle development engineer for Mazda North America, and one of the top guys in charge of making sure all their cars are fun to drive. Before that he was the technical editor of the dearly departed Sport Compact Car. And he’ll be here at 2 p.m.… »9/01/15 11:58am9/01/15 11:58am

Ask F1 Broadcaster And Racing Legend David Hobbs Anything

If you've watched Formula One on American television at anytime in the last 20 years, then you've heard the voice of cantankerous Brit David Hobbs. But he's more than just a TV commentator, he was an F1 driver in his own right. And now he's here to answer any questions you may have on F1 in 2015 and racing in general. »3/12/15 4:45pm3/12/15 4:45pm

News Chopper Live-Streamed This Unbelievable Highway Fire In Michigan

WXYZ Detroit has a helicopter circling highway I-94 near Dearborn, Michigan right now and it's streaming live video of the most hellacious conflagration I've ever seen. A tanker truck reportedly hit a car and exploded at around 11:00AM EST, taking several smaller vehicles with it. »3/11/15 11:46am3/11/15 11:46am

Ask Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen Anything

The leadership at most automakers tend to be quiet, shrinking violets. Only occasionally do you get one that makes their multitude of opinions public information. Thankfully, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen is not the quiet type. At all. And he's here for the next hour to answer your questions. This will be fun. »2/23/15 11:45am2/23/15 11:45am

Ask The Stars Of Mud Sweat & Gears Anything You Want

The TV wizards at the BBC are about drop a new car show on the world, and it's just plain rare when they make it with Americans in mind. So that might go a long way towards explaining why were are so, so excited for Mud Sweat & Gears. And now, hosts Jonny Smith and Tom "Wookie" Ford are here to answer your questions. »1/26/15 9:50am1/26/15 9:50am