The Goodwood Members’ Meeting is a weekend packed full of proper vintage racing of the highest quality. This year, there are 28 Ford GT40s competing for one of the trophies. 28 GT40s! Watch all the action here.


Many consider the Members’ Meeting to be the best of the three events taking place at Lord March’s front yard, since it’s also open to the public despite the whole inner circle vibe you might get from its name. Here, you can get closer to the cars and their highly entertaining teams than ever.

The 74th MM starts with a crazy entry list of course, and with some of the cars already at the pits yesterday afternoon, all should be set by now for another weekend of magnificent racing. This year’s newbie at the circuit is a chap called Mika Hakkinen, who will drive a 1950s Silver Arrow...

Here’s a handy timetable. Sometimes, it feels right to stay in front of the monitor on a Sunday.


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