Watch The LAPD Chase A Stolen SUV Live Right Now

Watch the California Highway Patrol chase a stolen car down the highway LIVE right now!

According to the broadcast the chase has been ongoing for over two hours, with police following what looks to be a stolen Kia Sorento. Just joining the stream we find the suspect on the 710 South near Los Angeles.


This chase has been going for so long the newscasters carried on a lengthy conversation about the great ratings news stations make when they broadcast live car chases.

They also debated over the mileage a Kia Sorento can manage in a police pursuit, and whether or not the suspect is using cruise control.

Update: The suspect is now on the Westbound 105 and seems to be slowing down to the speed of traffic. “You only have gas or you don’t,” the helicopter operator accurately points out.

Evidently at one point the helicopter was following the wrong Kia Sorento:


And here is an on-the-ground clip of the chase from Twitter:


The helicopter moderator suggests that the cops don’t want to stop the vehicle on the highway because it would shut down one of the busiest roads in the country.

Update: The helicopter is running out of fuel and the stream has ended. Well folks.. that was fun while it lasted. Don’t bother watching it back unless you really like the whine of a helicopter and the Kia Sorento.

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