Ride Around The Red Bull GRC Dallas Course With Us Right Now!

Photo credit: Larry Chen/Red Bull GRC
Photo credit: Larry Chen/Red Bull GRC

We’re out at Red Bull Global Rallycross Dallas, and Chip Ganassi Racing driver Brian Deegan is about to take us for a spin around the course before the racing gets underway. There’s dirt, pavement, a big jump and a joker lap within the 16 turns of the course, and you can join us for the ride on Jalopnik Live! right now!

If a Red Bull GRC course is as fun from inside of the race car as it looks from the outside, this should be a fun one. Feel free to tag along with us:


Update: Since those G-forces gave us a few technical difficulties with the phone broadcast, below is an edited clip of the ride along. The ride starts at about five minutes and 30 seconds, and Deegan made a slow lap at the end that’ll allow for seeing the entire course.

Thanks for watching!

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Here’s a big, wild idea I thought of just now: 24-hour rallycross.

No, not like Dakar racing. Think more like Le Mans 24 or Nurburgring 24, but in a 15-km closed-loop track of mixed surfaces and contested by regular rally cars and rally-raid/Baja trucks. Who’s up for it?