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Yeah, what the hell. Above is a photo of someone with a goddamn kangaroo in Detroit, hopping down a street on the city’s west side. Why is this happening? I don’t know.

Detroit’s had some past moments of wild animals being found in unusual settings—but a kangaroo? No one seems to know just yet how the kangaroo found itself in a northwest Detroit neighborhood, on a leash, bopping up and down in an uncomfortable show of sorts. It’s not from the local zoo, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The mayor’s chief of staff says her Tuesday entailed “tracking down a man who’s walking a kangaroo in NW Detroit.”

A spokesperson for the zoo speculated to the Free Press that the kangaroo was likely purchased through the exotic pet trade. “Unfortunately, there are millions of exotic animals that are for sale,” the spokesperson told the newspaper. “It’s a problem.”




Poor thing. By the looks of it, the kangaroo was hopping down the street to a group of spectators, which, by my fair judgment, isn’t a natural environment for the animal.

“Man has a kangaroo on a leash,” someone can be heard saying on the 7-second clip below. “What? What the?”


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