Over the weekend, a Pagani Zonda was running on a Czech race track when a very ill-advised passing attempt on the last lap resulted in one critically injured Zonda GR and a lot of money that needs to be spent.

The pictures speak for themselves and they make us sad. Why? Because very hurt racecar.

Apparently, Antonin Herbeck, director of Stratosfera, one of the Czech Republic's largest publishing houses, was driving the Zonda and had led a few laps of the race at the Most Circuit. He had taken the lead from Tomas Kostka in an Audi A4 DTM racer and thought the last lap would be clear sailing to a certain victory.


But Kostka had different plans.

On the last lap, Kostka shoved the nose of his A4 where it definitely didn't belong and turned the Zonda straight into a concrete wall. Now, you're probably saying that without a video, you can't properly judge.

Well, there is a video, and it looks like Herbeck is turned around while he's going straight.


Instead of a penalty for Kostka, the officials made a baffling call after the accident.

It was deemed it a racing incident and they said the results will be judged from two laps before the crash. That meant that since Kostka was in the lead at that point, he would be declared the winner of the race with Herbeck finishing second.

So basically, Kostka got a free pass for causing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in damage to a rare race car and also ruining a race. He even got a trophy for it.

We bet that was one hell of an awkward podium ceremony.

Photo Credit: jenproauta.cz

Photo Credit: jenproauta.cz

Photo Credit: jenproauta.cz

Photo Credit: jenproauta.cz