Fisker Atlantic: An Enigma Wrapped In A Riddle Powered By BMW

Fisker's long-awaited follow-up to their more-than-a-$100K sports sedan is finally here. At least the promise of the follow-up to the Karma is finally here. Well, as a concept anyway. The Fisker Atlantic plug-in hybrid design prototype — once called the Nina — finally made it's debut last night here ahead of the New York Auto Show. This is it.

The Atlantic Electric Vehicle Extended Range drivetrain will boast "highly competitive performance for a car in its class" and it will be the first Fisker to use a BMW-sourced four-cylinder.

The rest of the drivetrain including performance and fuel economy numbers? Those are still under wraps. The mid-sized sedan will offer rear-wheel drive on the base model and an all-wheel drive model as a feature package.

So what was it like in person? After images of the four-door Atlantic leaked on the internets a few days ago I wasn't too surprised to see a slightly smaller Fisker Karma.

One thing is for sure, the all-new Atlantic visually solidifies the Fisker design language. With a front end shaped like the offspring of a striking rattle snake and a shooting-brake plus a set of rounded rear haunches, the Atlantic is so similar to Fisker's other designs. So when do we actually see this Fisker hit production?

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Well, we don't know. Bloomberg reported this morning that the U.S. Department of Energy won't
disclose milestones Fisker has to meet for getting $529 million in U.S. electric-vehicle development loans.

But, if by some miracle Fisker can snag that cash, then the Atlantic can jump into the already crowded mid-sized luxury sedan scene, once there, it should do quite well against the rather bland competition — especially if they can avoid the design and software problems that have plagued the Karma.

Also given a rumored starting price around $50,000 (and don't forget your tax credit!). So, you know, given all that, the Atlantic might just sell a few units. As long as people look past the last-gen Ford Fusion wheels.