There is no new Jaguar I wouldn't have sex with

As Jaguar rebuilds its brand under Indian ownership it's in the rare position of being a major automaker only making three cars. All of them wonderful in some way.

I bring this up after reviewing a photo of the XFR shot by the talented Kevin McCauley I never published. Think about it. They'll build a smaller, 3-series rival. It could be great. It could be crap. And an SUV or crossover may not be far off.

There is no new Jaguar I wouldn't have sex with


The XK/XKR is getting old but remains effortless, sexy fun in the classic Jag style. The XJ is so hot my postman asked me to take him for a ride in it. And the XFR? A pleasant mix of performance, comfort, and luxury without the compromise.

The story about my postman isn't a fib. He's into cars and I told him whenever he was interested in something I'd be more than happy to show him. Then one day, knock knock. "Tell me about the Jag." I've never gotten a reaction to a sedan like the one I got in the Jaguar XJ. It's a great value, because it costs about $80K but makes you look like a $1 million and you can say "I drive a Jaaaaaaaaag."

There is no new Jaguar I wouldn't have sex with

This doesn't mean one won't leave you stranded on the side of the road trying to figure out how to get it into neutral, but it's historically significant.


Non-niche car companies rarely have a model lineup where every car is desirable. There are a few mid-'80s BMW years and, you could argue, late '60s Mercedes. Maybe Pontiac 1968. So when it happens don't take it for granted.

Photo Credit: Kevin McCauley, Sam Smith, Zerin Dube/S:S:L