Hondabaru: The Nuttiest Thing You'll See Today

Let's say you've snagged a rolled Subaru WRX for $1,950 Canadian and you have a Honda Civic you're bored with. Why not chop both up, lay the Civic body on the WRX frame and create an AWD, boxer-powered Hondabaru?

A bug-eyed Subaru WRX is a fine car, and to let a wrecked but running example die in the junkyard would just be a waste. Enter our fine Quebecois friend, the 27-year-old Yannick, who, with a twinkle in his eye and a taste for the reciprocating saw arts, bought it for $1,950. You see, Yannick had a tired Honda Civic at home with a good body but a boring powertrain. His plan was to lop off the damaged body work of the Subaru and weld on the sheetmetal from the Civic. 'Why? ' is the question we began asking, but then finished with 'Why not!?'

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First he reinforced the Rex's frame so it wouldn't get all tweaked out of shape, then lopped off the body work. Next he took a lot off the top of the Civic and dropped it onto its new, Boxer-powered all-wheel-drive home. After some patch panels were stitched in place and the front fender reconstructed, the car was given a coat of satin black paint and some fresh wheels. All it needs now is a new nose and the interior bits to be finished off. We're definitely digging the Subie intake spliced onto the Honda hood. For the princely total of $5,300 Canadian (about $5,307 USD, ouch, can't even make fun of their money anymore), Yannick is nearing completion one of the the strangest one-offs seen 'round these parts in quite a while. Bien fait, notre ami. (Hat tip to Imprezal2345!) [Honda-Tech]