Chevy Camaro Drops Ghetto Brake Weights

Questionable Fix No More Department: GM appears to have upgraded the Camaro's noise-abating caliper weights to something a bit more substantial and permanent. The stick-on lead wheel weights are gone!

The quick recap: Increased caliper mass is often used as a solution to brake noise. The Brembo units on early 2010 Camaros were fitted with a last-minute band-aid in the form of stick-on lead weights. Those weights resembled — and most likely were identical to — the weights mechanics use to balance wheels. It appears to be a clever stop-gap fix until you consider that A) it looks like garbage, and B) the lead could melt and/or adhesive separate if brake temperature exceeds a certain point. (Lead melts at 627 degrees Farhenheit, so the latter is probably a bit more likely.)

The permanent fix, as reported by Camaro5, appears to involve a set of circular weights hung off the back of the caliper. The new arrangement can be seen below. Begone, hooptyism! Back from whence you came!


Chevy Camaro Drops Ghetto Brake Weights