Let's say you could go back to the early 1950s and snag a super-futuristic prototype automobile as your 2009 daily driver. Which side of the Iron Curtain would you choose?

What do you really need in a car? Cup holders? Side-curtain air bags? Hell no! You need huge fins, needle-sharp spikes sticking out of the front fenders, and radar! The '54 Ford FX-Atmos dream car offered all those critically important features, plus whitewalls. You want one, of course.

The question is: would you take the FX-Atmos when you could have a '51 ZIS-112? This Soviet dream car, according to the definitive Cars Of The Soviet Union was the product of Soviet designer Valentine Rostkova and packed an experimental V8 engine behind its Cylops single headlight. So, what's it going to be? Dearborn or Moscow?