“1969” Land Rover for a Defensible $11,999!

Do you want to attack the Rubicon, but desire something less pedestrian than a Jeep? Well, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Land Rover that might bowl you over.

There was a lot of argument over the merits of yesterday's XR4Ti, but there was general consensus that it really needed the bi-plane rear spoiler to seal the deal.

Today we're doing short arm inspection on another European immigrant. This Land Rover D90 represents a recent frame-off refurbishing. While that means that everything has had a look, and a fresh coat of English white applied, it doesn't mean that the trucklette is restored to factory-fresh condition. The seller claims it to be registered as a '69, but as it shares both front clip and former Buick V8 with a much more modern version, it competes with Angelyne for concealment of its true age. Additionally, the restoration only went as far as providing for occasional summer happy, happy, fun-time driving as a top, roll bar, and full complement of gauges didn't factor in. Regardless, the D90 (93 inch wheelbase) is claimed complete enough to drive home.


“1969” Land Rover for a Defensible $11,999!

The name of this Land Rover reflects its piecemeal restoration. The Defender model is a continuation of the Land Rover Ninety, the 1983 debutant which diverged from the precedent Series III by the adoption of coil springs all the way around. A true '69 would be a series IIA with leaf springs and a likely 2.25 litre diesel engine. While the headlamps did move to positions in the wings that year, those said wings extended past the bonnet on the IIA. This amalgamation, while a '69 in the eyes of the DMV, is really a much more modern vehicle, which weighs in its favor.

But is that price also in its favor? A washington shy of twelve grand may seem a lot for a summer time jitney, but Defenders are more dear than their American CJ Jeep cousins, and looking at Defender prices indicate a typically higher levy.


So what do you think about this puzzle-piece Land Rover? Does $11,999 make this Defender a contender? Or is that price so Crack Pipe this D90 could have been found in DJ-AM's apartment?

You decide!

“1969” Land Rover for a Defensible $11,999!

“1969” Land Rover for a Defensible $11,999!

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