Mark Grgurich, 54, of Des Moines was killed cycling in rural Iowa when a speeding truck slammed into him, then sped away from the scene. Police recovered this partial logo and are asking for help identifying it. Updated.

The incident occurred Sunday, and since then Police have been tracking down any lead they can find. This one might be the key to finding the driver of the vehicle, believed to be a white ladder truck. It's a partial logo broken off the truck when it hit Grgurich, and Police are hoping someone can identify it. So what do you think? It's nothing we recognize, but it could be a regional or local business logo or something custom. Sleuth away.
[Desmoines Register]

Update: Diggers have joined in on the hunt and have offered up some good ideas, but so far there's nothing conclusive. Commenter keviano overlaid the oddly named "Kurt Russel" font atop the fragment and it makes a pretty good fit, as seen below. Keep at it though, we'd love to see this one solved.