We're wondered why shopping karts outfitted with fifteen wet-cell Ni-Cad batteries, a 15 HP Etek motor and customized rear differentials aren't more popular. It sure looks like silly, dangerous, high-voltage fun to us.

It's doubtful there's a better usage for derelict shopping karts than to drop a hundred pounds of Ni-Cad batteries in the lower tray, add a crude steering rack up front, pneumatic tires all around and some power-electronics to control a 15 HP Etek pancake motor hooked to a sweet custom differential at the rear all good for a top speed of 35 MPH. This is the kind of awesomeness little boys dream of building when they first imagine the possibility of being an engineer. The confluence of electronics and mechanical know-how and straight-up belligerent awesomeness makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for wayward shopping karts now. (Thanks for the tip Cody)