After every 24 Hours Of LeMons race, we put together this list of the top finishers for you. And when we say "top," we mean "every single car that managed to get onto the track."

I'm providing each car's best lap time (which should confirm once again that having a fast car isn't the most important thing for a LeMons team), as well as the number of BS Inspection penalty laps (if any), plus awards earned by the team. You racers in need of all my original, full-resolution shots of your car in action should email me and I'll get them to you. When you're done here, be sure to check out LeMons Supreme Court Justice Lieberman's coverage over on Speed:Sport:Life.

Thanks to Nick Pon and Ashley Freed for many of these photos. Here they are in finishing order, the Top Lemons Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons South Spring 2009:

1. Dorifto Dogs, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:04.366 Overall Winner


2. Lightning McQueen, Volkswagen Jetta
Best lap: 1:01.924 Winner, Class Prayer Of Winning

3., Saab 900 Turbo
Best lap: 1:02.377 Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award


4. Team We-Todd, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:03.369

5. Schumacher Taxi: 2 Half A Taxi, Audi 80 Quattro
Best lap: 1:06.013

6. LeMons Vuitton, Plymouth Neon
Best lap: 1:03.402 BS Penalty: 15 laps Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

7. Team Ponticrap (We Are Driving Excrement), Pontiac Fiero
Best lap: 1:05.341 Winner, Class No Prayer Of Winning

8. White Lightning, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:03.902 BS Penalty: 5 laps

9. Black Sheep Racing, Nissan 300ZX
Best lap: 1:05.858

10. Dai Mondai II, Toyota Corolla GT-S FX16
Best lap: 1:04.262

11. Saturn Five, Saturn SC5
Best lap: 1:07.201 BS Penalty: 1 lap

12. Thinking With Our Dipsticks, Audi 100 Quattro
Best lap: 1:06.316

13. TAJ Escort Service, Ford Escort GT
Best lap: 1:08.015

14. Huggy Bear Better Run, Ford Escort
Best lap: 1:07.685

15. More Cowbell, Porsche 944
Best lap: 1:06.183 Winner, Porsche Cup

16. Loose Tool Racing, Volkswagen Jetta
Best lap: 1:05.564 BS Penalty: 2 laps

17. Howard J. Turkstra Motorsports, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:07.257

18. Schumacher Taxi: American Samurai, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 1:04.024

19. Peg Leg Rum Runners, Ford Crown Victoria
Best lap: 1:06.447

20. POS Global, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:07.466

21. SubarJew, Subaru Legacy
Best lap: 1:06.055

22. Flying Purple People Eater, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:04.962 BS Penalty: 4 laps

23. XXX-Games, Opel Kadett
Best lap: 1:06.403

24., Mazda Miata
BS Penalty: 20 laps Best lap: 1:03.379

25. Cherry Bomb Racing, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:09.437

26. Barfing Duck, Saturn SL
Best lap: 1:08.460 BS Penalty: 2 laps

27. BS Racing, Ford Probe
Best lap: 1:07.127

28. Blitzenbenz, Mercedes-Benz 300D
Best lap: 1:07.274

29. Junk Works Racing, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:06.540

30. Malt Liquor Tech Racing, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:04.724

31. Team Thunderturd II, Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
Best lap: 1:04.843 Winner, Judges' Choice Award

32. Dai Mondai I, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:05.753

33. Scuderia Gonzo Alonzo, Alfa Romeo Milano
Best lap: 1:06.530 Winner, Most Likely To Land In A Pond Full Of Poisonous Snakes

34. AIG Bailout Racing, BMW E30
Best lap: 1:06.236

35. Team Non Sequitur, Acura Integra
Best lap: 1:04.629

36. Police Brutality, Lincoln Mark VIII
Best lap: 1:05.727

37. Team Chap 11 Honda F1 Earth Nightmare, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:07.068

38. Eager Beavers Racing Team, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:08.225

39. Bread Winner Racing, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:11.515

40. DOS Boot Racing, Volkswagen Golf
Best lap: 1:07.220

41. Poor Man's Derrike Cope, Honda Accord
Best lap: 1:05.964 BS Penalty: 75 laps

42. Anger Management, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:07.671 BS Penalty: 50 laps

43. Kudzu Kommandos, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:02.776 BS Penalty: 2 laps

44. Team FDonk, Nissan 720
Best lap: 1:10.981

45. Team Red Rocket, Ford Escort GT
Best lap: 1:06.275

46. Ambulance Chasers, Kia Spectra
Best lap: 1:09.759

47. CMP Mafia II, Porsche 944
Best lap: 1:04.691 BS Penalty: 12 laps

48. Beaver Hunt Racing Team, Ford Pinto
Best lap: 1:09.662

49. Hammer's Heroes, BMW 320i
Best lap: 1:08.580 BS Penalty: 100 laps

50. Team WFO, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:09.946

51. El Pinky Chaparral, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:04.656

52. Snotrod Escort, Ford Escort
Best lap: 1:08.032

53. The Revenge Of Molde Carlo, Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Best lap: 1:04.460

54. CMP Mafia I, Mitsubishi Eclipse
Best lap: 1:07.016

55. Team Miller Lite, BMW 320i
Best lap: 1:08.156

56. J.P. Smith Builders, Ford Crown Victoria
Best lap: 1:06.745 BS Penalty: 1 lap

57. Sinical Racing, BMW 325
Best lap: 1:10.171

58. Rush Hour Racing, Ford Crown Victoria
Best lap: 1:06.746

59. Heavy Metal, Ford LTD
Best lap: 1:12.627 Winner, Index Of Effluency

60. Tunachuckers, Volvo Amazon
Best lap: 1:08.746 Winner, Heroic Fix Winner, Best Moonshine

61. Hong Norr, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:05.089

62. Dog Ciao Racing, Alfa Romeo Spider
Best lap: 1:12.789

63. Theoretical Racing, Nissan 280ZX
Best lap: 1:08.579

64. Team Saab Story, Saab 9000 Turbo
Best lap: 1:05.043

65. Pleasant Valley Racers, Ford Crown Victoria
Best lap: 1:09.709

66. Bailout Bandits, Mazda 626
Best lap: 1:07.144

67. The Chassis Gynos, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 1:06.888 BS Penalty: 25 laps

68. Integrenaders, Acura Integra
Best lap: 1:05.390 BS Penalty: 1 lap

69. Euro Trash, BMW 325
Best lap: 1:04.825

70. Racing Nemo, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:04.800 BS Penalty: 25 laps

71. Team Cockroach, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:05.571 BS Penalty: 125 laps

72. Team Türbö Schnitzel, Merkur XR4Ti
Best lap: 1:11.454 Winner, Organizer's Choice

73. Team Z Racing, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:03.807 BS Penalty: 222 laps

74. Our Lady Of Perpetual Downforce, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:09.819 Winner, Dangerous Banned Technology

75. Superkak Racing v2.0, Ford Mustang GT
Best lap: 59.737 BS Penalty: 21 laps

76. Rescue 911, Plymouth Laser
Best lap: 1:07.787

77. Team Fat Bottom Girls, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:07.712

78. Flying Hawaiians, Porsche 944
Best lap: 1:07.607

79. Blind Rodent Racing, Ford Thunderbird
Best lap: 1:05.532

80. Lab Rat Motorsports, Dodge Colt E
Best lap: 1:09.241

81. Torqueless Rotards, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:07.649 BS Penalty: 48 laps

82. Dorki's Craptastic Racing Team, Porsche 944
Best lap: 1:05.317 BS Penalty: 10 laps

83. Furman/Limestone, Nissan 300ZX
Best lap: 1:07.229

84. Repo Men, Mazda 626
Best lap: 1:09.576

85. Dawghouse Racing 2009, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:07.459

86. Schumacher Taxi: FX16 Masochism!, Toyota Corolla GT-S FX16
Best lap: 1:08.971

87. Coyote Motorsports, Dodge Daytona
Best lap: 1:11.993

88. Pink Panther II, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:11.027

89. Grim Reaper Racing, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:13.268 BS Penalty: 5 laps Winner, Lost The Will To Live Award

90. Beertech Racing, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:05.255 BS Penalty: 86 laps

91. Rubber Biscuit Racing, Chevrolet Caprice
Best lap: 1:10.801

92. Greyman Motor Club, Mazda 626
Best lap: 1:15.165 Winner, I Got Screwed Award

93. Amaxophobe Racing, Pontiac Fiero
Best lap: 1:17.947 BS Penalty: 30 laps

94. Depends Undergarments Patrol, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:08.161 BS Penalty: 50 laps

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