Lotus Esprit Submarine Car From The Spy Who Loved Me Heading To Auction Again James Bond's transforming Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me is up on the auction block again , so if you've got $175,000 and an appreciation for the Giugiaro-designed 1976 Lotus Esprit we recommend booking a flight to London next month for the Bonhams auction. What makes the Esprit so famous is that, at the touch of a button in the film, it turned into a submarine . We're fairly certain the Lotus up for auction, though from the film, will not actually turn into a submersible. If you want one of those you'll have to wait for the Rinspeed sQuba or invest in a blue screen. Happy bidding. Hit the jump for "official" specs on the Esprit from the movie.

Specs White Lotus Esprit, number plate "PPW 306R", with the following modifications: Submarine Features *Retractable wheels, with extendable covers to protect the wheel cavity *Retractable fins and rudders for underwater steering *Convertible dashboard to double as a submarine control system *Radar and Nautical guidance equipment *Metal blinds for rear window *Four retractable propeller units at the rear of the car Weapons & Defence *Surface-to-air missiles *Underwater mines *Oil-slick sprayer for underwater camouflage *Rear mounted concrete sprayers *Harpoons for underwater combat *Self destruct system *TV Monitor and closed-circuit camera *Periscope
[Gridcrasher , Photo Credit: qv500