You see how obsessed dedicated I am to shooting Alameda street-parked cars for this series? Even in the midst of a rainstorm howling in off the Pacific, I'm busting out the camera when I spot a cool car parked on Alameda's busy main drag! And it was worth it in this case, because nothing makes a beater LTD look tougher than rainwater pouring in past all the bad weatherstripping.

We've already seen a '70 LTD two-door in this series, so that means we'll need to have a poll to determine which one is the readers' choice!

Is this three-dimensional vinyl top beautiful or what? The Chevy dealership across the street can't compete!


And the dogdish/fat-blackwall combo is just perfect! I wouldn't change a thing on this car... well, except for putting a 460 and 4-speed in it, of course. And Cherry Bombs (but that goes without saying).

My grandparents had one of these cars back in the day. In fact, it's safe to say that everyone's grandparents had an LTD!


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