You're Not Even Safe From The Ford Mustang In Mexico

The Great North American Mustang is a beautiful, powerful, but voracious beast. Normally, crowds at American Cars and Coffee meetups are enough to sate their crowd-hunger, but it now appears they have expanded their hunting grounds South of the U.S. border. Specifically, into the city of Rio Bravo, in Mexico.

Based on what can be inferred from the video, yesterday a pair of Mustangs were involved in a ritualistic mating display/dance known to Ford mechano-hippologists as the “double-intwined smoky donut.”


During the ritualistic display, eventually one of the Mustangs noticed the nearby crowd and gave in to its primal instincts, plowing into a knot of people, where six were injured. Joking aside, seeing those little toddlers and kids there is especially chilling, and thankfully that kid in the red shirt was holding that little girl when the car drove into them, as opposed to her standing on the ground. That very likely saved her from, at the very least, serious injury.

According to El Manana, the Mustangs were part of the “Motor Fest Rio Bravo 2017.” The State Coordination of Civil Protection claims not to have been notified about the show, which could be why the crowds were standing without any sort of protective barriers between them and the cars.


Anyone who encounters a Mustang in the wild, whether engaged in ritualistic mating donuts or otherwise, is encouraged to exercise extreme caution.

(thanks, David!)

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Billy Milby

Someone should do a research article into how many muscle car crashes happen per capita. Does the Mustang really hold the title when it comes to the most crashiest muscle car? Or car in general, for that matter.