So much of what drives our love for cars is also a sense of nostalgia. We yearn for the cars that are no more. And even though the cars probably won’t get resurrected, they are still fun to think about. Isn’t that part of the charm?

With cars and their industry evolving as quickly as they are, they leave us with no shortage of things to miss.


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What’s everyone missing?

Can’t Beat The 911 At Its Own Game (Wolfpack86)

Was there a better bargain Porsche? Methinks not.

Like A G8 (Vee)

Besides the Chevrolet SS, what else is there?

Lateral Thinking (Declan Hackett)

Thinking outside the box.

RIP Pontiac (Mach-inator)

What if they just waited it out?

Saving Lancia (felixthegrumpycat)

Could this have been the savior?

Banshee! (OctagonSpirit)

Let’s go back to 1964.

In General (CaptainSlower)

The times they are a-changin’...

Smart Choice (lingenfelter)

Funky and rear-engined always welcomed here.

Memories Of A 5 Series (Parker Kligerman)

Car lasted a year, but memories are forever.

Gimme That Flex (InterceptingJensen)

Love that thing.

The Weird Little Race Car (mmmmmclaren)

Points for being unconventional.

Missing Designs (colorfulyawn)

Aesthetics matter.

Pour One Out For Herbie (UberKafer)

True love never dies.

A Wagoneer Always Makes The List (Elhigh)

It just does.

Pour Another Out For Svan (frmatoz - indian fiat column shift diesel)

Sometimes life intervenes.

The Cheap, Mid-Engined Sports Car (Exage03040)

Where are they now?

One That Maybe Should Stay A Memory (savethemanualsbmw335ix)

Or not. You decide.

End Of An Era (YALE70)

Dieselgate’s biggest victim, perhaps.

It’s Time (mcintosr)

“A hero need not speak, when he is gone, the world will speak for him.”