Your Most Unbelievably Insane Road Rage Tales

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

As human drivers still, we all feel things. One of them is rage. And until the bots take over, we’re all going to have to deal with that rage from time to time.

I asked you for your most insane road rage stories last week, and man, did you guys have some good ones. Insane, terrifying, genuinely mystifying and straight-up hilarious ones.


[Welcome back to Countersteer, where we ask you to tell us your greatest stories of success and failure, then we pull the very best of them to share with the rest of the world.]

After reading some of these, I feel like I should just hole up in my apartment and never drive again. There are some truly crazy people out there!

HAHA who am I kidding? Only when we are closest to death can we feel the most alive.


What Happens In Mexico (LHturbo)

Like the stuff of action movies.


Bumper Cars (salgud1)

I thought the point was to not hit the other cars?


Some People, Man (The Dummy Gummy)

What sets off these people, even? Does anyone know?


A Ballad Of Interesting Road Stories (SWITAWI)

Huckleberries, church ladies and ferrets. The trifecta.


Don’t Mess With The Bored Guys (Japaneseonlyplease)

Hey, I mean, when you’ve got nothing better to do...


GOT ‘EM! (Chris11LE)

Oh, the justice juice is flowin’ so hard right now.


Don’t Be An Asshole (Daryl)

You know what they say: don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


Good Old Waltham, MA (LTT)

From personal experience, these are the roads that lead to hell.


“Is The Blood Yours?” (Elhigh)

“Stay with me.”


Holy Shit! (TheSchrat)

Must have been late to a meeting with God.


Taxi, Taxi! (sonicgabe)


Backwards And Forwards (Jason Caliendo)

Thank goodness for dashcams.


Not Even The Ambulance Is Safe (Feminist Kook)

Seriously? There was a patient in the back!


The Chase (TommTucker)

When they start chasing what do you do?


Is That What We’re Doing Today? We’re Dying? (BlueOvalEscort16)

Nah. Not today.


Like A Goddamn Circus Act (SP23)

Let’s not be a part of that.


Second Amendment (Voltron)

Hah! You don’t impress me with your so-called guns!


A Beautiful Moonlit Night (colorfulyawn)

Look out the window, you’ll see the moon.


The Road To Hana (SLA)

The thing with people is that they don’t look 6'7" when they’re sitting in their cars.


Kick That Habit, Fast (jRaskell)

Watch where you flick that cigarette butt.

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