Your First Off-Road Experience Will Be Hilarious And Scary, Like This

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We always enjoy the irreverence and potty talk of "Mr. Regular's" Regular Car Reviews. After all he's a regular guy, just like us! Here's his first off-road experience, on reasonably gnarly track in an extremely capable truck. Look how adorably nervous he is!


The first-gen 4Runner he's driving is heavily modified for trail-crushing, and the vehicle's owner walking him through the course from the passenger seat has the right attitude ("go for it!")


Walking over obstacles for the first time can be pretty unsettling for somebody who's spent their driving life on pavement, I still find myself in disbelief when I'm taking a well-sorted 4x4 to its limit.

Hopefully this has inspired Mr. Regular to do some more dirt-driving and review some trucks!

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Love offroading so much. I wish there was a way to get more people into it. The fun police are shutting down trails around here (alberta) because there's not enough people with voices (and time) to keep them opened and properly advocate for sustainable usage.