This Is Why Everyone Loves The First-Gen Toyota 4Runner The Most

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The most recent generation of Toyota 4Runner was, as Regular Car Reviews puts it, "a rolling supermarket where kids cough on all the produce." But it wasn't always that way.

The first-generation 4Runner was, and is, one of the best off-roading vehicles ever made, a tough-as-nails, no-frills truck built for climbing, off roading, and other assorted acts of truckery. It was destined to take Moab by storm.

The latest RCR video centers on a modified 1986 4Runner owned by a real off-roading enthusiast. Not only that, it's the video that converts Mr. Regular to the Church of Rock Climbing.


What a great truck.

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This is why its hard to explain to people that not all off roading is for GGGGGARRAFGAGAGGGGG types.