Your Annual Jeremy Clarkson Motivational Tweet Is Here

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It’s been a while since I last looked at Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter. If you’ve never looked at all, it’s not really any different from other Twitters. Except every year, around the middle of August, you get a, uh, motivational tweet.


Clarkson tweets this stuff like clockwork, as @Steve_THFC correctly predicted:

Clarkson’s philosophy, clearly, is that you don’t need to get good grades to succeed in life. This year’s message:

2017's message:


2016's message:


2015's message:


If you’re curious, a U stands for “unclassified” for the General Certificate of Secondary Education in the UK. It’s awarded to people who fail to achieve the bare minimum in a GCSE subject. Are you surprised?

Here’s one that someone I know would write: “If you didn’t have enough money to bribe your teachers with, cheer up with the fact that I did and now I’m lighting my Aston Martin yacht on fire to prove a point.”



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