I Need To Know Everything About This G-Class Boat From A 1996 Episode Of Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld

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Screenshot: Motorworld (YouTube)

It’s just a fleeting moment, but in the first episode of the second season of Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld, there’s a glimpse of what appears to be a Mercedes G-Class bodied boat of some kind. What’s up with that?


I am frustrated to announce that my brief efforts of trying to find out more about this interesting vehicle featured in just a few frames from a relatively obscure television program circa 1996 have resulted in absolutely no further information.

The G-Class boat shows up briefly at around the 20:17 mark below:

In this Motorworld episode, Clarkson meets with a bunch of then-current and former Formula One drivers to talk about Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s kind of fun. There’s even a rainbow-painted Rinspeed Lamborghini Diablo. But what about that boat?

I can research and find the G-Class towing a boat. I can find the G-Class parked on a boat. I can find a military landing craft that was also called the G Class. I can’t find anything about this damn literal nautical G-Class.

All I know is that, at some point in 1995, when this episode was likely shot, somebody in Monaco, or perhaps even six somebodies, were cruising around the waterway in a G-Class bodied boat. It appears it’s also been retrofitted with a forward, uh, navigator’s hole?, and a very large cutout over what would traditionally be a G-Class’s rear seating and cargo area.

But I have many questions. What sort of interior modifications were made? Is that an exhaust poking through the hood of the body? Is this boat powered by the G-Class engine? Is this a fully-customized job or did they essentially just sort of park a G-Class body on an existing boat? Is this the only one?

If you know anything about this G-Class boat, please let me know. I want to dream dreams that are not this G-Class boat someday again. But unless you help me, that can not happen.

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I found this:

Although I think that is more an amphibious car (The Amphiranger).

I also found this Benzworld forum post, asking much the same as yourself.


It has a couple of links to a G-Class boat, but they are dead and formatted in a way that I can’t use the wayback machine to access.