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Don't adjust your rods and cones, this Smart Fortwo really is actually glowing like dandruff particles in a blacklit nightclub. It's part of an art project headed by Katharina Sieverding, whose large-scale self-portraits from the early 1970s convinced artsy types that photographs could succeed as legitimate conceptual objects (as well as being pretty creepy). Two of Sieverding's master-class students shot the Fortwo, which had been covered in luminescent green paint, in a series of photos that will be shown at Galerie Viaux in Berlin in March. The proceeds will go to charity.


Smart Pushed ALL the Way Outside, Shows Anger by Parallel Parking.; Smart Reveals 2007 Fortwo [internal]

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I seriously considered doing some parts of my house in luminescent paint. But then I read the data sheets, and the stuff is rapidly degraded by UV light. At a couple hundred dollars a gallon, it would suck to only get a few months of jollies out of it.

I'm sure it's for the best.