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Welcome to the world, you 2007 Smart Fortwo, you. DaimlerChrysler today released an official press kit for the slightly redesigned and newly powered Smart car, the first version planned for US sales since the initial Swatchmobile was deemed far too large to wear as a timepiece, and abandoned by the Swiss. Eventually, that model was adopted by the auto industry, where it grew to become gleefully unprofitable for its remaining owner, Mercedes-Benz. Now, after a good spanking from Dr. Z. and a purging of its corporate siblings, the Mitsubishi-sourced Forfour and perky Roadster, the hopeful new Smart will hit dealerships in Europe by year's end, and the US by 2008. The new motor is a 1.0-liter three banger — available in three horsepower ratings (61 hp, 71 hp and 84 hp), with a 45 hp diesel option — hooked to a five-speed manual (no automatic). Top speed is 90 mph — 6 mph more than its predecessor. No word on the profit margin for the new-generation model, but let's say it'd better be good, or the 00s may be the little guy's last decade on earth. [Gallery]

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