You Can Now Get An Apollo-Edition Mustang Because The World Is Great

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Special edition cars are often just motorized platforms to test the limits of human eye-rolling. There’s something about those Harley Davidson-edition F150s or the Fiat 500 Gucci cars that just feels like shameless brand-whoring. But not this one. Not these Mustangs made to honor the Apollo moon missions. These are terrific.

The car is pretty much exactly what you’d think it is: a Ford Mustang GT (with 627 HP here to make it at feel more rocket-like) done up to resemble a bit of hardware from the Apollo era. It’s got the black-and-white color scheme of a Saturn V, and has vertical USA decals and small American flags and hood stripes that read, again vertically, UNITED STATES in such a way that it’s impossible to look at them and not picture that same stock footage of the Saturn V launching in your head. You know, this sort of thing:

That’s a pretty good thing to pop into your head when you see a car.

The design scheme unquestionably suggests a NASA rocket. It’s stylized and simple and iconic, and they resisted all the temptations I would have had to stick a bunch of fake valves and vents and access panels and stuff on it. But they still manage to get a fun surprise in here, too, with some red-orange LED underbody lighting meant to suggest the heat of re-entry on the Apollo capsule.


I know many out there may find this silly or over-the-top, but I say fuck that, life’s too short. This is simply fun. The Mustang has long established itself as the premiere platform for non-essential accent lighting experiments, with sequential indicators, shaped puddle lights and all that, and this underbody lighting fits in perfectly.

I mean, look at the top image of the car there at night with those lights on. It’s dramatic and exuberant and fun. If that’s too much for you, why the hell would you even consider buying a car designed to look like a rocket? You wouldn’t. This car is an unashamed fantasy-appeasement tool for all of us (myself included) who, somewhere deep down, still want to be an astronaut.


You may have a shitty job, but how terrible would you feel everyday if you left work and walked out to your own personal rocketship? It may be faintly silly, sure, but in the best possible way.


Plus, if you need some altruistic justification, here you go:

For the eighth straight year, Ford Motor Company has created a unique, aviation-inspired Ford Mustang to benefit Experimental Aircraft Association youth education programs, including the Young Eagles. The Apollo Edition Mustang will be donated and sold via auction at the Gathering of Eagles charity event, July 23, at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 – the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.

All proceeds from the sale of the car will benefit EAA youth education programs, including the Young Eagles, which has provided free introductory flights to more than 1.9 million young people since 1992, helping grow the next generation of aviators.


See? You’re helping kids!


I know traditionally the Corvette was the Astronaut’s Choice car, but, let’s face it, Chevy didn’t step up. There’s also no word if Ford is providing actual replica Waste Containment Bags or an integrated Apollo-style Waste Management System, but if they did, that could be a real best-in-class sort of feature.

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