You Can Have The $2.6 Million SCG 003 Stradale With A V10 Too

While the pair of SCG003 Competiziones kick some ass around the racetracks with a twin-turbo V6, the road-going Stradale is under development, and as it tuns out, a rev-happy V10 will also make it to its options list.


The standard engine for the 003 Stradale will be a twin-turbo V6 producing about 700 horsepower. While that won’t be based on the Honda race engine the Competizione is using after all due to some legal reasons, it will still make the car faster than most supercars out there since the road-going SCG 003 weighs well under 2,654 pounds. In fact, you have to fill one to the brim with fluids and go for some heavy extras to push it above 1,200 kilos.

But for that kind of money, some people want the response and sound that only a naturally aspirated V10 can give, so Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will offer the car with that as well. Said V10 had to be compact enough to fit in that sleek body, and since fuel consumption isn’t something they need to worry about, it’s only up to Bosch’s engineers to make it comply with Euro 6 emission regulations. Once that’s done, everything will be ready for a V10 party.

The SCG 003’s Hewland manual transmission will also be quiet in the road car, but can also be configured gated in H-pattern or as a semi-automatic like in the race car. Either way, the SCG 003 remains a three-pedal car. With a proper V10.


As you might remember, the SCG 003S will get a different rear wing and diffuser, front splitter and 19-inch wheels instead of the SCG 003C’s 18s, but the overall dimension of the wheels won’t change, meaning that you can drive your road car to a track, put some slicks on it without adjusting the suspension and hit the circle as hard as you dare.


Engineering done right.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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