I drove all night to make sure I got to the Ring in time for the Jalopnik bump(s) to be added to the SCG 003’s livery before it was shown to the public in the nearby village of Adenau. That’s at least ten extra horsepower right there, success is inevitable.

Jalopnik stickers have magical powers, that’s probably why so many of you want to know how to get one. Well, building a full on race car is one way to do it. Jim Glickenhaus ended up getting two right away!

The team believes they can win the N24 with the SCG 003, and if there ever was a doubt, it’s gone now with those classic bumper stickers keeping its rear together. Which are the driven wheels? Exactly!


Jokes aside, we are honored, this is a very special car and it’s great to play a tiny part of its story.

Glickenhaus’ current Batmobile/Urban Cowboy in Germany combo works well too. At 64, I wouldn’t mind being this cool.


Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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