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You Can Get a Great Deal On a Used Bus For Less Than $5,000

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Car Time: Episode 8

Public transit is great for the deranged, attention-seeking communal city-living folks like me, but what about everybody else? It turns out you can get your very own bus for as little as $5,000 bucks with all of the pleasures of a city bus aesthetic without having to deal with any of the strangers.

On this week’s Car Time with your favorite car teens, Aaron and I challenged each other to find the best public transit vehicles for sale for under $5,000. While I looked around at a few rail cars for sale, we both ended up with buses full of character from opposite American coastlines.


It turns out all we really cared about was the aesthetic of driving around in a vintage bus, and not so much any of the inherent ride-sharing, community-engaging aspects of a vehicle that can haul over 30 people.

Also on this week’s episode, it was my turn to hit the streets of New York City to quiz a bunch of randos on their knowledge of common automotive acronyms. Turns out almost nobody knows what the hell BMW stands for, even though all of them want one. Bavaria, people. Look it up.


I hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and if you have any hot takes on our bus choices, automotive acronyms, or have anything you’d like to see us do on the show, please let us know in the comments below.