You Can Buy The Best BMW M5 Ever Made For The Price Of A Nissan Versa

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The BMW E39 M5 is one of those cars that got it so right the first time that the company was forced to think way outside the box for the next iteration, making a product that just wasn’t as good as its predecessor. Today you can get the best looking example around for the price of one of the most mundane cars ever. What a time to be alive.

This 2000 BMW M5 is Germany’s answer to the 1993 Nissan Maxima. Hear me out - the Maxima was known as the 4DSC, of four door sports car. Sure, there were previous M5s that possibly got the sporty job done but none had the sheer brute force of the E39. With its relatively massive high-revving V8 engine with independent throttle bodies and the fact that it can seat five people make it the best of all possible worlds. For those of you saying that it isn’t a sports car, it has no spare tire and the battery is in the middle of the trunk, for weight distribution. This beautiful Imola Red example is one of the most desirable colors for the car which is only helped by its peanut butter guts. At its barely five figure asking price, it’s a small price to pay for some seriously insane performance figures.


While the car does have a tick over 120,000 miles, the car seems to have been maintained well, with items such as the often problematic VANOS solenoids taken care of by the seller. Here’s an excerpt from the description:

The interior is a beautiful BMW CARAMEL INTERIOR!! There are no tears or major damage. The WHEELS are the cleanest M5 wheels of that vintage I have ever seen, nice factory finish, straight, with minor nicks and scratches. They ride like a dream on the NEW NITTO MOTIVO tires all the way around (less than 4K miles), and handle excellent! New battery last year, and the previous owner installed a UUC Evo3 short shifter, UUC lightweight flywheel, new clutch, new brakes, new control arm bushings, and new VANOS SOLENOID Seals (all performed at 118k miles). Oil change 2K miles ago with Castrol full synthetic.

For the price, I’m not sure you’ll find a cleaner M5 out there. With the mileage, everything that would’ve needed attention would have already been overhauled, and everything else looks like it just came out of the showroom. This is a used car, but in the best possible way. I wouldn’t hesitate in putting in an offer. Hell, I probably will.


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