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The racing version of the muscular little German beast that is the Mercedes-AMG GT is coming. But by turning into a true competitor, itseems to have eaten all the steroids and turned into the meanest monster this side of track. This is the face of the Mercedes-AMG GT3, and it'll eat your soul.


And its face full of jaws already looks better than Merc's previous GT3 entry, the Mercedes-AMG SLS GT3.


So far, all we've got a picture of is the face, but it's been a long time since I've seen something this vicious-looking hit the GT3 racing circuit. Though to be honest, you're going to need a little evil to beat the ridiculously crowded pack in one of the most underrated racing series. Seriously, it's not just limited to rich dudes in their Porsche 911s anymore. We're talking Lamborghini Huracans, Ferrari 458s, the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, plus Vipers, Nissan GT-Rs, and even the enormous Bentley Continental.

That is Not A Bad Field At All.

It might be too late for this year's Bathurst 12, some of the finest racing we've seen in the past year, but the Mercedes-AMG GT3 will make its full debut in Geneva pretty soon.


In the words of the great Bart Scott, can't wait.

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