Illustration for article titled Mercedes SLS AMG GT3: Luxury Sports Car Transforms Into Bare-Bones Racer

What happens when you take a Mercedes SLS AMG, strip out the superfluous baloney, amp-up the engine and install race seats, gauges and gear? You get this — the factory-built Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 racer. Awesome.


There aren't any real details yet on this latest GT3 race car, but just by looking at the images you can see the SLS AMG GT3 is a very serious piece of equipment. Everything that doesn't make the car go faster or grip better has been tossed aside, pretty much everything is carbon fiber, and rumor has it the engine gets massaged up to 600 HP. Asking price is supposedly somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000, so you better be pretty well funded to run this beast. [Mercedes via Autocar, eMercedesBenz]

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