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We all misjudge things from time to time, like the third turn at Indianapolis Motor Speedway or the height of a tunnel in relation to a tall truck. Sometimes, we get several (literal) strikes in one day—like Fernando Alonso’s Indianapolis 500 practice car, which wrecked on a wrecker after wrecking on track on Wednesday.

Go ahead and say that five times fast.

Alonso, who’s back for IndyCar’s biggest event after his impressive 2017 race debut that ended in car troubles and later semi-retirement from Formula One, hasn’t started off too well in practice for this year’s race. An electrical issue took him out of the first session on Tuesday after 50 laps, and, after making 46 laps on Wednesday, he went for a spin that crumpled the back end of his car.


But that spin wouldn’t be the last wreck his orange Chevrolet-powered McLaren No. 66 saw Wednesday, as IndyCar analyst Paul Tracy shared an Instagram photo of the wrecker transporting his car... also wrecking.

The post, picked up by The Drive, said the wrecker got stuck in the garage area after evidently misjudging the height of a tunnel:

An electrical problem followed by the wrecking of Alonso’s car both in and out of his own hands already isn’t the best sign, given his bad luck in open-wheel cars these days and 2017 race that went from successful—like he could win his debut Indy 500, even—to sour with one little Honda engine failure. (It truly was a blip, in terms of his Honda engine failures.)

But maybe that will change over the course of the next 10 days leading up to the race, and we’ll get to see that good result that looked so likely back in 2017.

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