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Fernando Alonso Goes for a Spin, or Two, in Indianapolis 500 Practice

Gif: IndyCar (YouTube)

The Indianapolis 500 is a nearly two-week affair, meaning there’s plenty of time to get the wrecks out of the way before the big day. That’s exactly what retired Formula One star Fernando Alonso did, spinning into more than one wall on just the second day of practice on Wednesday.

Advertisement reports that Alonso ran 50 laps in first practice on Tuesday before having an electrical issue on his No. 66 McLaren powered by a Chevrolet engine, where he finished 32nd of 39 cars. Before the crash on Wednesday, Alonso made 46 laps.

Alonso got out of the car on his own and was cleared to drive, according to Racer, and said this afterward, via

“It was just pure understeer on the car. Even if I lifted the throttle on the entry to the corner it was not enough. I lost completely the front aero there. The wall came too close and too quickly.

“Unfortunately, it happened today and we will lose a little bit of running time again. I’m sorry for the team. We’ll learn and come back stronger tomorrow.”


Regardless of how any day this week goes, Alonso has another 11 days before the big race, where perhaps a faulty car won’t sink a good run—something Alonso’s all too familiar withlike it did in his debut two years ago.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Left Lane is for Passing


Answer is very fucking hard to stay on race pace for 2-3-4 laps. Now do it for 50. Now do it for 200 on race day.

Take any Olympic Swimming for example. Plenty of people know how to swim. Plenty of people are fast at swimming too. Now swimming is pretty basic. Swim to end of pool, turn around, swim to end of pool, repeat. But the magic is that mostly everyone has the same set of tools (arms, legs, joints, lungs, etc) but to see someone put all those pieces perfectly together AND have some brilliant ability makes you faster than the rest of the world. Turning left at race pace and managing the cars around you is no simple feat. About the farthest thing from it actually.