Watch Every McLaren-Honda Breakdown Since 2015 And Die A Little On The Inside

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Some of you have become complacent in your dislike of McLaren’s unreliable Honda Formula One engines. Let’s fix that. Here’s a video that will make you seethe with rage all over again. F1Board has a video of every mechanical failure since Honda reentered F1 in 2015.

Worst of all, this compilation used all onboards so we can hear exactly how dejected the poor drivers get. It’s heartbreaking.

One year of this is understandable. Growing pains! They’ll figure it out eventually, eh? Two years is stretching it, but I’m willing to forgive that and be understanding. They’re just catching up! It’ll be fine!

But we’re on year three of this crap now. The very subject makes me want to snap at cheerful young children just for trying to smile in my general direction. Have you little brats never experienced pain?! You will someday. YOU WILL.


McLaren, a former front-running team, hasn’t ever scored a podium with Honda as their power unit supplier, notes WTF1. They’ve only scored three top five finishes in the past three years, but as you can see, they’ve had a lot more mechanical retirements than that.

Now, I’m going to go watch Porsche donuts all day and sulk.