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Would You Daily Drive A C4 Corvette Now That They're Dirt Cheap?

Illustration for article titled Would You Daily Drive A C4 Corvette Now That Theyre Dirt Cheap?

While Regular Car Reviews is here to tell you all there is to know about the most important Corvette generation, I keep wondering: is it time to buy a five grand C4 and just daily the hell out of it?


Granted, $5,000 won’t buy you the nicest Corvette in the neighborhood, but you’ll end up driving America’s number one sports car anyway, and nobody can take that away from you. Except maybe for a Vietnam veteran with anger issues and a crow bar, but that sort of thing only happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.

From the other side of the water, the concept of a C4 daily driver looks rather promising. A slightly beaten and sufficiently dirty C4 won’t need much care and will reward you with the sound of a V8, the practicality of that glass hatchback and the versatility only a targa roof can provide. Parts availability is brilliant and no matter what anybody says, you’ll be driving the most important Corvette of them all. Just don’t buy an ‘83.


I told you C4s deserve some love...

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Stef Schrader

I think it’s hilarious that these are showing up in LeMons now.

That being said: NOPE. It’s the ugly ‘vette. Would hoon, because why not? Wouldn’t own. Look at it. Bask in the plain-ness.

(And remind yourself that the 944 also came from the same era. Half the cylinders, half the price, twice the fun. It’s one of Porsche’s dowdier offerings, but at least it’s got some neat box-flares going for it.)