World's Largest HDTV Opens At Texas Motor Speedway, Could Fit 9 Alamos

This is Texas Motor Speedway's recently-unveiled "Big Hoss." At some 12 stories tall, it's the world's largest HD TV, so large that you could fit nine Alamos on its surface.

If you don't measure things by units of the Alamo, Big Hoss TV covers 20,633.34 square feet, which is 5,520 feet larger than the world's next-largest HD screen installed at Charlotte Motor Speedway back in 2010.


Big Hoss' numbers are more than a little impressive, so let's just run through them once and for all.

Width: 218 feet

Height: 94.6 feet/12 stories

Area Covered: 20,633.34 square feet

Weight: 108 tons

LEDs: Over 14 million

Resolution: 1080p

Constructor: Panasonic

Wind speed it could sustain (claimed): 130 mph

Number of Alamos it could fit: 9 (as reported by the Star-Telegram)

For a better sense of the size of this thing, with its 16 segments and 40 LED modules, take a look at how it dwarfs people and cranes during its four-month construction period.

And here's a closer look at all of those LEDs.


We are but ants compared the vast majesty of Big Hoss TV.


Here's a look at the control room, with five servers and the ability to display 16 different cameras at once, ESPN reports.


The screen got its official debut last night with some fireworks, the only things smaller than the screen.


Here's one last wide shot of the screen, which emphasizes how puny we all are as minute humans to the incomprehensible glory of Boss Hoss TV.


What's amazing is that Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage told the press that it only cost "tens of millions of dollars," the Star-Telegram reports. All things considered, that doesn't sound like very much. Anyone want to go in with me on a screen that's even bigger?

Photo Credits: Getty Images

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