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Woman And Husband Die In Horrific Parking Accident In China

Illustration for article titled Woman And Husband Die In Horrific Parking Accident In China

The simple act of parking a car went horribly awry in China last week, resulting in an accident that killed the driver and her husband and left their 6-year-old daughter orphaned, according to news reports.


The Qianjiang Evening News, as recounted by the Global Post, reported that a 41-year-old driver who had recently obtained her license was practicing backing up her Lexus RX270 in an underground garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on June 18.

As her husband directed her from behind, she accidentally backed up too far and pinned him against the garage wall, the newspaper reported. Things got worse after that — when she heard his screams, she accelerated to try and go forward, but did not realize she was still in reverse and backed up further, killing him instantly.


While doing that, the woman had her head out her window. When she backed up, she got her head stuck between the car and a wall beside the parking space. She later died at a hospital of her injuries, the newspaper reported.

The worst part? The couple's 6-year-old daughter was in the car at the time, and she witnessed the entire thing.

Unfathomably horrible. There are no words for this.

Photo credit Weibo via Global Post via Digg

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It's unfortunate that this little girl had such MORONS for parents.

When giving direction, you NEVER stand directly in the path of the vehicle. And sticking her head out instead of using her mirrors... AND getting her head caught between the vehicle and the wall????

Some sort of Darwin award is called for here...