Without Searching, See If You Can Tell Which Car Names Are Real And Which Are Fake

Let’s have some stupid, car-geeky fun, why not? You’re not getting anything done today, we all know that. So take a moment and try and figure out which of these are actual, if obscure, cars, and which are ones I just made up:

1. Paragon Panther
2. Pilgrim Bulldog
3. Éclair 7/9 HP
4. Purvis Eureka
5. Maron Muskeet
6. Alldays & Onions Midget
7. Devron Spear-8
8. Raleigh Safety Seven
9. TDR Tarot
10. Westmoreland Rooster
11. Moon Diana
12. Opperman Stirling

These were tricky. Here’s the answers. Tell us how you did! No lying, I’ll know, somehow. Maybe through bitcoins or something.


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