Why We Should Leave The Washington Monument Broken

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The Washington Monument looks broken. Let’s keep it that way.The Washington Post

Another great one from our old friend Kriston Capps who captures much of what's symbolic about our broken infrastructure in this country

But under scaffolding, the monument is — quite inadvertently — newly relevant. Because Americans broadly agree that governance in this nation is broken, there is a casual elegance to the symbolism of a monument to national unity under construction. We are a work in progress, the cracked memorial reminds. Our union is not perfected.


Last Car Plant Brings Detroit Hope and CashThe New York Times

A nice take from the NYT on the Jefferson North plant and its importance when, you know, the workers aren't getting high.

The Chrysler plant is one of the biggest employers in Detroit, which has a 16 percent unemployment rate. It is also one of its largest taxpayers, last year paying more than $12 million in property taxes. A third of its workers, both union and management, live in the city, the company said.


Two Guys In A Kei Cup: Behind The Wheel Of Suzuki’s Littlest SportscarThe Truth About Cars


I saw one of these in a little German river town and badly wanted to drive it. Not sure I'd fit, though.

The little red car sat squat and low on the street looking for all the world like the product of an unlikely tryst between a Dodge Viper and a child’s pedal car. It was a classic two seat sports car, with short rear deck, small passenger compartment and “long� hood that stretched away from the driver just far enough to cover the engine beneath it. The proportions were right, but the actual numbers were ludicrous: 81 inch wheel base, 54 inches wide, a curb weight just a touch under 1600 pounds and 660 CC engine with a maximum horsepower rating of just 63 horsepower. This was going to be an experience, I knew, but first I had to figure out how I was going to fit behind the wheel.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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