Why We Love Clarkson: Clio 182

This afternoon I semi-intentionally opened up a can o'worms concerning Jalopnik and Global Warming. I also just finished Jezzo's latest book, The World According to Clarkson: And Another Thing in which my favorite British auto-journo states, "I don't believe in global warming." Point blank, just like that. And I was thinking about the tongue-lashing my English cousins gave me over the holidays when I admitted to absolutely loving the man. Is he a wrongheaded bag of hot air? Did they have a point? No, they didn't, as Jeremy is simply the best in the business. Watch the above clip and trip out on the man's use of metaphor. Spot on, perfect. Admire the roller-coaster analysis of the Clio 182; It's fast, it's rubbish, it's fantastic, it's cheap, it's epic. He likes it, he hates it, he absolutely loves it. As we do him. Never mind the bollocks, long live Clarkson!

Clarkson Pits XKR vs. AMV8 [Internal]

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