Washington Wakes Up A Little: Senate, House Pissed At Bush Regime for Meddling With Climate Scientists

You ever stop and think how funny Republicans are? Their favorite president is an actor, their favorite scientist is a fiction writer and Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, dope-addicted, impotent idiot. I mean hypocrite. Anyhow, turns out that Bush and his gang have been (gasp) pressuring federal scientists to "downplay" the threat of global warming. Well informed folks everywhere have known about this muzzling of science for a while, but now the Congress is actually fact finding. Aside from 43% of the scientists surveyed reporting that Administration goons had edited their work so as to change the meaning of their findings, check out this nugget from Rep. Waxman;

"We know that the White House possesses documents that contain evidence of an attempt by senior administration officials to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of global warming and minimize the potential danger"


What does this mean for us pistonheads? More skin cancer, less frogs and a few more years before diesels, plug-ins and hydrogen-celled rides are all readily available. We're just pissed because the aforementioned cars should have been so 2005.

Bush administration in hot seat over warming [msnbc.com]

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