Clarkson Pits XKR vs. AMV8

Now that the Hamster is repaired and the Top Gear boys are back to making television, we can dispense with the flipping jet car business and get back to giggling over egregious examples of hoonage — which is pretty much what Clarkson spends his time in the Jaguar XKR doing. He then sics it on its hotter half-sister, the Aston V8 Vantage, in a sans-Richard Dawson episode of Family Feud, usefully pointing out that the new EU booster seat mandate has now largely made 2+2 coupes too cramped in the back for the only people small enough to fit there — children.


Holy Jet Car, Hamster — Here's The Exclusive Crash Footage! [Internal]

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Man, even if I didn't like cars, I'd watch that show just for the editing.