Why Was This Ferrari F430 In A Lake For A Week?

A not-so-presently-happy Ferrari owner was joyriding when an unavoidable preventative reaction to apparently avoid hitting a bike-riding child landed his F430 in a road side lake. And there it sat, for a week. But why?

The true answer may never be known, but watching a wrecker pull the water-logged remains of a once beautiful and fish free Ferrari F430 from the drink makes us pucker just a little bit. Aside from the tensed reaction, it makes us wonder why in the world you'd let your pride and joy sit at the bottom of the lake for a week. Why weren't the cops involved? What about his insurance?

These are all very obvious questions that just don't seem to be answered in this clip, so we invite you to formulate your own creative epic tale in the comments below. And please, have fun with it. (H/T To Eggwich!) [TheDirty]

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