The world has continued to evolve and, in a few places, gay people can have public, legal marriages. The country is generally more open and accepting. So why aren't there more openly gay race car drivers?

The question came to me from Bill Caswell, who puts his thoughts on Facebook last week.

Random question. It's the boys town parade this weekend in Chicago and a lot of guys from San Diego were flying into party. One of them asked me if there are any openly gay professional racers? I was like huh, I don't know, maybe?

But I started thinking about it and was like I can't think of one. Weird. I know amateur racers and track guys but no one in the pro ranks.

Statistically speaking there should be some. Would you guys not follow an F1 driver if he came out and said he loved getting naked with dudes? I know I wouldn't care. In fact I would probably cheer more for him given how upset he would make the old conservative racers every weekend!

Why aren't there more openly gay racing drivers? Sponsorship? Boy's club? Fear of a bad reaction?

Photo Credit: Gay Buick GMC (Gay Pontiac referred to a family car dealership, not to sexual preference, as detailed in my history right here)