In a refreshing change, there are stoning victims in Saudi Arabi that aren't accused adulteresses or even people at all: they're cars. And, even better, it's not the scary kind of stoning, or the drug kind of stoning, either. It's a recent and weird Saudi car culture trend of cramming stones under cars to raise them up and build them into funny little stone walls.

Why? Well, maybe it's like drifting (also popular in Saudi Arabia), but with the speed, danger, and skill replaced with tedium. And stones.


Both the wildly dangerous form of drifting practiced by Saudi youth and car stoning seem to be motivated by the same concept of tufush (usually defined as "a great national boredom").

Saudi Arabia has very high youth unemployment and generous unemployment benefits, and a society that heavily segregates genders, bans alcohol, and has minimal nightlife seems to be the perfect combination for activities like this. I think the mathematical equation would look like:

(Time) + (nothing else to do) x (creativity) + n(cars) + (lots of (rocks)) = this.


Sure, it's not as exciting as drifting a Hyundai into a crowd of spectators, but I think the end results are kind of satisfying, in a sort of Andy Goldsworthy-meets-a-junkyard kind of way.


(Images from Arab Algarbeah)

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