I spend hours each day sifting through videos of people doing insane stunts with cars. This video of a few Saudis darting in-and-out of traffic while firing assault rifles into the air tops them all. It's reckless. it's horrible. It's scary as hell. It's also damn impressive.

Let's get this out of the way: firing guns and drifting out of traffic as school buses pass by is despicable. Do I really need to print a disclaimer for that? Do I really need to tell you that pulling a handbrake turn right in front of a truck loaded with fuel is a bad idea? Just, don't do it.


If there's one redeeming part of this extremely entertaining and unnerving video is that, at the end, they show you how hard this is. Front-wheel-drive family haulers shouldn't be able to do this, no matter how much sand there is on the road.

This is car control possessed by very few. Watch the guy quickly snap the car back-and-forth, perfectly shifting into the right gear in coordination with the wheel and handbrake. You can't do this with a Honda Accord. You just can't. And shouldn't.

Leave it to these crazy fucks. You don't want to be a martyr to the Kingdom of Hoon in the passenger seat of a Hyundai Sonata.

(Hat tip to snap_understeer_ftw!)

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