Which Carmaker Deserves A Logo Makeover Next?

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Photo: Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Media Ambition Tokyo (Getty Images)

Last week, it seemed like everyone was getting new logos. It started with Kia, which rang in its pointy rebranding with a fireworks show. By Friday, General Motors had a surprise new look too, its first comprehensive makeover since 1964. Hell, even Burger King got in on the fun (and arguably outshined them all.)

Every time a familiar brand dons a new identifier, controversy is sure to follow. However, few brands are American institutions on GM’s level, and typically brands with such history rarely opt for drastic changes. See the thinning of the Volkswagen logo for a prime example of extablished automakers playing it safe.

That made GM’s announcement a bit of a shocker, though it also got us thinking: Which carmaker should be next in line for a glow up? There’s certainly no shortage of brands that could use an injection of new energy; I’m thinking of the likes of Chrysler, Dodge, Infiniti, Buick and a few others.


Keeping that in mind, my armchair marketing exec choice is Lexus. The brand already lays claim to grille and front-end designs that are among the most distinctive and recognizable in the industry today. But neither the insignia nor logotype of Toyota’s luxury marque has changed in its 30-year history, and I say it could really benefit from some freshening.

What do you think? Which manufacturer deserves a new logo and ‘tude as we enter this era of cars that run on zaps and drive themselves?