Where's Waldo: Win A Bag Of Detroit Auto Show Swag

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Our swag bag overfloweth after this years Detroit Auto Show, and as a way to lighten our load, we've devised a devilish new game to give it away, hunting for the ever elusive Waldo.


In honor of the Chinese triumphantly storming the main floor of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, we've decided the grand prize will be one we've kept squirreled away for a special occasion for a full year now. It's the complete, formal tea set given to us last year by China's Geely, who, amusingly, was absent from this years festivities.

So here's the deal, this year, in one of the many images we uploaded to a gallery, we slyly inserted everyone's favorite globe-trotting, stripe wearing cartoon character, Waldo. He's lurking in a post, somewhere in a post on our Detroit Auto Show tag page, between our official start of coverage at 8:00 AM last Saturday and today at noon. Be the first to find Waldo and you get the prize. That should keep everybody busy for hours, but when you do manage to find him, be very careful with the submission procedure, because if you make one minor mistake, your efforts will be for naught.

Here's the rules:

In order to claim your fabulous prize you must first post a comment in the comments section reading "I've Found Waldo," nothing more, nothing less. DO NOT post a link to the image in the comments or everybody loses. Within five minutes of posting the "I've Found Waldo" comment, you must send an email to ben@jalopnik.com with the subject line "Where's Waldo Entry." Then, in the body of the email, include the URL of the image where Waldo makes his appearance, and very importantly, a link to your comment saying "I've Found Waldo." To do this, click on the time stamp next to your commenter ID then copy and past the URL into the email. This email must be sent within five minutes of the comment being posted, otherwise the entry will be disqualified. Anyone posting "I've found Waldo" in comments more than once will be disqualified — so no gaming of the system.


As always, standard contest rules apply and submissions will be accepted until a winner has been announced or noon on Monday, January 19, 2008 — whichever comes first. Below is a list of posts where Waldo may be hiding, however nothing says he has to be hiding behind any of these posts. Good luck, and happy hunting.


Mike the Dog

Slightly off topic (but relevant here), can we please have a #@$&*@! "Expand All" button for the classic view if this "improvement" whereby short posts compress themselves at random is going to be permanent?